The Model Village Plean

New Plean Songs Made With East Plean Primary Classes



Shovel the coal (x4)

Oompa Loompa shovel the coal
Makes your clothes as black as a mole
Oompa Loompa sweaty and hot
Like working in a boiling pot

Shovel the coal (x4)

Oompa Loompa bend your back
Look out for a spark attack
Oompa Loompa this is our doom
Wish we were all in the chocolate room

Shovel the coal (x4)

Oompa Loompa doop pa de dum
Wish we all had chocolate thumbs
Oompa Looma doop a de dee
When will it be time for tea
Shove the coal (x4)

Oompa Looma doop a de do
We like chocolate black as a crow
Oompa Looma doop a de dell
We like chocolate white as well

Shove the coal (x4)

Oompa Loompa doop pa de doo
We’re the super shovelling crew (repeat quietly x2)


P6 with Ewan McVicar

There’s the chemist and the garage and the Day To Day Express
The Clansman and the Tavern where they go to have a rest
The chippy and the library, the clinic if ye’re ill
Post Office and Community shop, the paper shop as well

In The Model Village Plean
In The Model Village Plean
We’ll tell you what we’ve got here
In The Model Village Plean

President Kennedy Avenue sounds fine




They used tae call it Cadger’s Loan, you went there tae the mine  

Pre Cast is up there now, and the Country Park
Ye must admit the big old house looks spooky in the dark

The smoke was rising like a cloud when our old school burnt down

The flames blazed, the roof fell in with a crashing sound

Our new school is building, when will they be through?
We wish we had our old school but we’ll like the new one too

New song verse by P6
Oh dear, Yuri Gagarin
You flew over Plean wi a pie fe your mammy,
It burst in your face like a pizza fe granny,
And then you had mince in your hair
Words by Cameron and Alec

P7 Wee Wullie Wallace

 Wee Wullie Wallace,he wasnae very tall
And when it came to World War Two he didnae fight at all.
He wanted to be a sailor and shout 'torpedo ahoy'
But they sent him down Plean coal mine to be a Bevan Boy

Down in a coal mine underneath the ground
Where a gleam of sunshine never can be found
Digging dusty diamonds all season round
Down in a coal mine underneath the ground

He went into an iron cage hanging from a chain
It crashed and banged so much hHe thought 'I’ll never come up again'.
When he reached the bottom he asked what to do
But the man down there said 'I havny got a clue'

A helmet with a torch on, big tackety boots
A shovel to shift the earth, not a gun to shoot
He might have been a soldier but he didny get a chance
They sent him to Plean coal mine instead of going to France

He heard about the Knockers hiding in the black
If you went to follow them you’d never come back
They’d tip you in a crater far below the groon
Full of oily water, then you’d droon

He never got a uniform, he never got a gun
He never got a medal when the war was done
He dug dusty diamonds, they put him to the test
All Plean Bevan Boys they did their very best



Banana, banana, bananas are the best
A nice squishy middle in a big yella vest
Today or manana, ah’ll be saying canna
Canna have a banana

By P6 who are studying space
You can see one on the moon banana
It’s crescent- shaped, not roon banana
We’d like to go there soon banana
Canna have a banana

By P5 who are studying Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
I’d like a chocolate one banana
To use as a funny gun banana
But it would melt in the sun banana
Canna have a banana

By P7 who are studying World War Two
When they had World War Two banana
Banana lovers all felt blue banana
You couldny get wan even if you queued banana
Canna have a banana